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What Our Client Say

While the whole book is beautifully written, one thing that I specifically adored was the introspective monologues that made the writing instantly engaging. To me, the addition of dialogues felt like I was reading a personal diary and not an average self-help book. Moreover, the lovely affirmations in the form of poetry elevated my spirits and gave me a positive note to begin my mornings with
Andrew Weir
(A philosophy major)

The Power of Clarity is truly an optimistic and encouraging read which familiarizes the readers with the power of attracting clarity into one’s life. When I first started this book, I never thought it would attract this much consciousness in my life, and as I went through the content of the book, I was happy that it was worth my time.”

Jill Bogart (Mental health advocate)

Honestly, I was somewhat reluctant to start this book because I thought it was one of those traditional self-help books that merely motivates you to give up your bad habits, leaving the complex question of ‘how’ on yourself. However, this book aptly ponders over the technicalities of the human mind and provides a way to actually challenge the ego-mind and thus discover your true nature in the process.

Mc’artha Dsouza (A college student)

An engrossing and informative read, The Power of Clarity is a book that offers a rich look at the intriguing mysteries of the ego-mind and its deleterious impact on an individual. I particularly loved the way the author has explained the concept of least resistance and its undoubted importance for human progress. Essentially, the book was worth a read!

Claire Mackenzie (A school teacher)

Weaving spiritual theories and universal laws with apt storytelling, this book is nothing but an astute representation of how we can let go of resistance and align our souls with our higher self, which is free-flowing, pure, and loving. I really appreciate the author’s efforts to craft an epic guide that can give way to light when one is stuck within the deep abyss of their ego-mind. Highly recommended!

Peter Lanham (A nurse educator)