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About Book

The Power of Clarity

The Power of Clarity by Jan Sejlund is one of the most inspirational books on life. It is a byproduct of the author’s quest for answers. Life is never a bed of roses; it is up to us to find its true meaning and purpose. The book narrates the author’s journey in detail and the inspirational lessons he learned from it. It wasn’t a simple journey but quite an interesting one. The search for truth was necessary as there were times when fear was consuming the author, stopping him from taking on new challenges in life.

The author had to change several jobs in search of the one that would give him inner peace and satisfaction. Quitting the first job required extensive effort and courage, but he took it. After going through countless ups and downs, sufferings and struggles, the author achieves it all –a happy life.

Through The Power of Clarity, Sejlund wants to aspire. He has shared his insights to enable others to gain clarity in life. He aspires to assist at least one soul in finding their inner self by pursuing a path of least resistance.

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